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Music Composition

Bobby Cole is a professional music composer with great credits, and a broadcast set up recording studio. Bobby composes music for film, television, computer games, radio, theatre and interactive media.

Bobby composes in a wide range of styles and genres, and draws from both modern electronic themes and traditional orchestration. His studio has been built from the ground up specifically for music composing..

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Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production, Sound Design, ADR, Foley, Sound Effects.... whatever you need Bobby can help! Sweetening the Audio for film, tv, radio, and interactive media is paramount. What you record in the field can always be made much much better, and professional recorded sound effects can give your productions the gloss and polish that your visuals need!

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Audio Branding

If you need to brand your company with an audio Indentity, then audio branding is the art of creating a 'logo' for your business, product or service through the use of music. 

Bobby Cole can create memorable audio idents, and creative musical themes that will brand your company with an 'audio' logo and musical identity.