About us

Bobby grew up from an early age with music. From listening to early Michael Jackson and Fleetwood Mac records that his parents played, Bobby was fascinated with music. An early encounter fueled this as he met a drummer who taught him the basics at 9 years old. Bobby then went on to pick up the guitar at the age of 11, playing in numerous Punk Rock bands around the South Wales area throughout his teenage years. Bobby then started playing piano at the age of 14, teaching himself in his garage in Swansea!

In 2003, Bobby moved to West London to study a specialist BA Hons in Music Technology. Whilst in London, he developed many skills, including the art of recording, composing string scores for studio sessions, and furthering his skills on all of the instruments. Bobby also played in numerous bands, taught music privately and in schools, and set up his own business 'Catch 22 Media'. 

Catch 22 Media is a unique and exciting company that provides fresh stock for production libraries and Royalty free music websites. Catch 22 Media now sell music all over the world through many many outlets, and the company is also moving into profesional audio loops, broadcast quality sound effects, and high quality 4K Stock footage clips. It was this business that got Bobby into music composing for film and television.

Through Catch 22 Media, Bobby built up many many contacts within the industry. He has been busy promoting his services to many different companies and individuals, and has worked accross many disciplines, including film, television, radio, computer games, theatre, interactive media, and much more! Bobby has great credits to his name, including MTV, Channel 4, BT, Virgin Media, Endemol, DC Comics, DIY Channel, Cartoon Network, e.t.c.

Bobby composes in a wide range of styles, drawing from many different musical influences, but he is most well known for scary edgy dramatic and haunting music. Bobby has a huge amount of experience composing in these styles, and is well known in the film and television world for specializing in these styles.

Bobby is based in Swansea, South Wales (UK), but has worked with companies from places such as Australia, Singapore, India, France, New York, California, Canada and many many more! His studio is built from the ground up specifically for music composing, and uses a range of high quality broadcast quality equipment, and top of the range sample libraries from companies such as East West and Native Instruments.