Media Composer

Bobby Cole is a professional music composer from the UK. He blends orchestral and electronic elements, using state of the art equipment to create evocative, epic and dramatic music. He composes for film, TV, computer games and interactive media.

Bobby Cole - Music Composer Film & TV

Film Work

Bobby has composed the score to many feature length films, Specializing in Horror Music. Bobby's latest films include Robert The doll, Kill Kane, Poltergeist Activity, Haunting at the Rectory, and many more.

EMTV - Celebrity Bites (Bobby Cole - Composer for Film & TV

TV Work

Network, Cable and Local

Bobby's music can he heard constantly on Television networks all over the world. Networks playing Bobby's music include MTV, ABC, Fox, BT, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Sky, NBC, CNN and many more.

History Channel - Bobby Cole (Music Composer for Film & TV

Sound Design

& Audio Post Production

Sound Design, Audio Post Production ADR, Foley, SFX, Final Dub and much more. Bobby can offer professional sound design services for films, television, apps, new media and much more.

BT - Bobby Cole (Music Composer for Film & TV

Sound of Souls

Horror Concept Album

Bobby has been working on an original Horror Concept album called the Sound of Souls. Taking nursery rhymes, traditional folk songs and hymns and recomposing them, making them haunting, twisted and scary!

Channel 4 - Bobby Cole (Music Composer for Film & TV
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Fresh & Unique Music

Music for film, television, computer games, radio, theatre and interactive media. Bobby produces creative, original and unique music for the Broadcast and visual production industries.

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Our Services

Bobby Cole can provide many audio related services, including music for film, television, computer games, radio, theatre, and interactive media. Bobby also offers Audio Post Production, Foley, ADR, and audio branding for products, services and corporate branding.

Bobby Cole Show Reel 2012 from Bobby Cole on Vimeo.

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Bobby Cole Show Reel 2012 by catch22music